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Saturday, June 05, 2010


My first reaction on discovering this was shock, who on earth could top Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerra as Marianna and Luis Alberto respsectively; especially since, according to the comments to my post , people are still crazy for the original. Speaking of which, if you're interested in buying this telenovela ONLINE, follow this link: THE RICH ALSO CRY DVD 

The remake is entitled  MARIA LA DEL BARRIO,(roughly translated as Maria of the Borough) starring Mexican singer  Thalia as  Maria and   actor Fernando Colunga (Esmeralda,  La Usurpadora) as Luis Fernando and first released in 1995, produced by Televisa.  Unlike the 1979 original, Maria Hernandez is no lost heiress but a 15 year old homeless girl on the streets who is taken in by a priest and handed over to a rich man in the parish to work as a maid but as we all know, the man, Don Fernando de la Vega had other ideas; he legally adopted her as his daughter - much to his wife's (Victoria) and niece's(Soraya) horror; arranging for her education and so on. Along came the spoilt, drunken son,  Luis Fernando who at first tried to seduce the young and beautiful Maria but ended up falling in love with her and changing his ways.
Which of course didn't sit well with Soraya  but after a long battle for who gets to be Mrs. de la Vega, Luis Fernando & Maria became man and wife but alas, all hell broke lose after he caught his brother Vladimir hugging her and assumed the worse- refusing to believe the child she was carrying was his. Maria had  a nervous breakdown and gave up their son, named Fernandito, up for adoption. A little girl was adopted after she got better, but of course Maria constantly worried about Fernandito. Worse, Soraya came back to the household bent on revenge against Maria by using Fernandito against her. But of course, like all telenovelas, the wicked are overcome and the good end up living in peace.



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