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Carbo Fan Fiction- Return Journey Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Dr. Marcus Hunter was tired from his journey but he briskly looked through Carly and Darcy’s charts after looking in on them; his heart clenching at how ill his old friend and former colleague looked.
‘It’s a harder strain alright.’ He muttered, reading the lab report. ‘Whoever did this wanted to make sure it would be harder to find the cure.’
‘Was it easy for Carly to find the cure for the original virus?’ asked Daniel.
Marcus shook his head. ‘Carly worked very hard in the lab to work on the cure, there were times she wouldn't go home until I made her to. She got to the lab one day and found the place ransacked; her notes, even her computer was cleaned out.’
‘You’re kidding! Who did that?’
‘We never found out. So Carly went to Victor to see if he could get the cure. Mind you, Bo forbade her to but she was desperate. To cut a long story short, the vial she got hold of contained the same composition of her stolen cure but it was missing a vital element, which she was about to discover before the lab got ransacked. She was running out of time but she found it at the last minute and gave it to Bo.’
Daniel shook his head, amazed. ‘Wow.’
‘Like you rightly surmised Daniel, the present cure now has to be modified. I just hope we’ve got time.’ Marcus said grimly.
‘I really appreciate you coming all this way, Marcus.’
‘I’ve always loved Carly like she was my sister. Still do, even though we lost touch. And I know how long she tried to have a baby with Bo so this is personal for me too. No need to thank me.’
Daniel turned as he heard a knock on the door. ‘Come in.’
Nathan entered. ‘Ah, good. Dr. Marcus Hunter; Dr. Nathan Horton. He’s going to be assisting us, if you don’t mind.’
Marcus shook the young man’s hand, staring hard at him. ‘Horton?’ he said, raising his eyebrows at the familiar last name.
‘Melissa Horton’s my mum.’ Nathan explained.
‘Ah, Maggie and Mickey’s daughter. Pleased to meet you, Nathan. I worked under your great-grandfather; he was a great man and a very good friend. He mentored a lot of  doctors; including Carly and me. Glad to have you aboard.’
‘I’m willing to help in any way I can.’
‘Good.’ Marcus opened the case containing vials of Carly’s antidote. ‘Let’s get to work.’
With great reluctance, Bo and Roman let Chloe go but warned her not to leave town for the time being.
‘I already told you  guys I didn’t do it.’ Chloe protested.
‘Maybe not.’ Roman said harshly. ‘But you admitted you came back here to ruin my niece’s marriage and  you’re guilty of attempted murder. You have a motive, so consider yourself a suspect. Once again, don’t leave town or Parker will find himself handed over to Child Services.’
Chloe turned to Bo in appeal.
‘Get out of here Chloe before I hurt you.’ Bo said coldly, glaring at her; the image of her planning Carly’s death with Vivian vividly in his mind.
Chloe hastily obeyed.
‘Should we talk to Vivian then?’ Roman asked.
‘Much as I want to break that old bitch’s neck; we’ve got nothing on her. It’s her word against Chloe’s. How the hell did she even know about the elevator?’
‘She knows Carly’s claustrophobic after the trauma of being buried alive.’ Roman pointed out.
‘No… not that. Remember… Carly got trapped in a rigged elevator- at The Salem Inn. Where would Vivian get the idea to have Carly die in the elevator?’
‘I’m not Victor’s biggest fan but even he wouldn't boast about that incident to Vivian of all people. He had that elevator tampered with in the first place because he wanted to kill you.’
‘Roman, you saw how Victor acted towards Carly when she came back; he made it  perfectly clear he hated her. Vivian stayed with him for a while, they had one thing in common- their hatred for Carly. He must have told her about that incident to her- without the part it was me who was supposed to be in that damn elevator, not Carly.’ Bo frowned, pacing. ‘If he told her… he was probably discussing ways of hurting Carly with her.’
‘She’s the mother of his granddaughter.’
‘And I’m his son, did that stop him from trying to kill me?’ Bo snapped. ‘Did that stop him from burning my boat or kidnapping Shane D as a warning? Victor’s capable of anything, including hurting me to hurt Carly.’
‘So you think he planted the virus in your car?’
‘What do you think?’ Bo challenged. ‘Vivian obviously found out about the elevator from Victor; she wasn’t here at the time. And she wasn’t here when I got sick- she got the story from him too! The only other person who would tell her is the person who poisoned me in the first place- Emmy- and she’s dead.’
Roman frowned and nodded. ‘You may be right.’ He rubbed his nose. ‘Years ago, Carly walked into a trap meant for you. Darcy was attacked in their house, nothing was taken…’ he raised his eyes to meet Bo’s. ‘And Victor got all chummy with Carly after the break-in.’
Bo was trembling with anger.
‘You’re both crazy!’ Victor snapped, enraged beyond measure. ‘I did no such thing! Why would I send anyone to break into Carly’s house to kill her or plant a virus to kill you?’
‘It wasn’t a robbery, Victor.’ Bo bit out. ‘Darcy got hurt and suddenly you’re protective of Carly. A few days to our wedding day, a bottle of water in my car is laced with a harder strain of the virus I once had. Let me remind you of your past crimes Victor;  the elevator you hired someone to rig so I would be killed, the murder you faked so Carly would get the death penalty or life imprisonment. You did all that because you didn’t want us to be together! And that statement you said to her when she made it clear she was never going back to you;  “you’ll be a widow before you ever walk down the aisle.” Remember that?’  
 ‘That was a long time ago! I was very angry, I didn’t know what I was saying or doing at the time.’
‘Cut it out, Victor.’ Roman said, disgusted. ‘You convinced the judge you were insane to avoid a prison sentence. You’ve proven you’re capable of hurting your flesh and blood; only this time your granddaughter’s a victim of your actions.’
‘I’m not responsible for Carly and Darcy’s disease.’ Victor insisted.
‘Then explain why you changed your attitude towards Carly after Darcy got hurt. You know something about the break-in. The victim was supposed to be Carly, wasn’t it?’ Bo said, determined to get a confession. ‘Tell the truth, you old bastard!’
‘I will not be spoken to like that!’ Victor snarled.
‘You told Vivian about the elevator because you were thinking of ways  of hurting Carly! You tell me what you’re hiding or you’ll never be allowed near my children again, make your choice!’ Bo shouted back.
Victor stared at Bo and then at Roman, whose face was as cold as his brother’s. He squared his shoulders. ‘Fine. Yes, I told Vivian about the elevator; in passing. But I never planned to kill Carly, I just wanted you to end your affair with her, that’s all.’
Bo folded his arms, waiting.
Sullenly, Victor told them about his conversation with Hope and how he had Carly’s house planted with cameras.
‘You bastard…!’ Roman swiftly grabbed his brother before he could throttle Victor.
‘I know you’re very angry with me right now Bo but I was only trying to protect your marriage.’ Victor said calmly. ‘Darcy’s attack was an accident, I promise you. And I didn’t plant that virus in your car.’
Bo was so very angry that he couldn't speak.
‘Victor, everything points to you right now.’ Roman said.
‘I didn’t…’
‘Until we prove otherwise; consider yourself a suspect. And as for the break-in...’
‘I made a mistake.’
‘You bet your ass you made a mistake.’ Bo found his tongue at last. ‘Your hired goon put his hands on my daughter; thanks to him, for over a month she couldn't see. Carly was pregnant with my son at the time, he could have pushed her down the stairs if she was the one who surprised him. And you stand there and try to convince me it was an accident? You’re a lying, conniving bastard and you make me sick.’ He turned to Roman. ‘Will you please do the honours?’
‘Bo, Roman…’
‘You’re under arrest, Victor. Hands behind your back now.’ Roman produced the handcuffs.
‘You can’t be serious.’
‘You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and may be held against you.’ Roman continued, firmly grabbing Victor’s arms. ‘You have the right to an attorney...’
‘Bo, don’t do this. I never meant for Darcy to get hurt; it wasn’t my intention to harm Carly.’ Victor said as Roman cuffed him.
Bo only stared at him, his eyes filled with hate.
‘Let’s go, Victor.’
Returning to the hospital, Bo looked in on the patients. Melanie was in Darcy’s room, patting her hot forehead with a wet flannel square. As he sat next to Carly, her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Bo, managing to give a very faint smile.
‘You and Darcy going to be alright, princess.’ He said softly. ‘Marcus is here, he’s working at the cure as we speak.’
Carly blinked to show she understood.
‘Don’t give up on me now, okay?’ Bo grasped her hot hand between his. ‘I love you, I can’t bear the idea of you two leaving me.’
‘I…’ Carly swallowed then tried again.  ‘I…’ she closed her eyes again, drifting back to sleep.
Bo leaned down to kiss her lightly on the mouth, blinking as the tears came. Please don’t let them die; please… he prayed silently.
‘Keep the faith, son.’
Bo spun round, his eyes widening at the sight before him. ‘P…Pop?’ he whispered incredulously at the ghost of Shawn Brady.
‘Aye.’ He replied, hands in the pockets of the suit jacket he was buried in. ‘You’ve been very strong so far, Bo. Keep believing little Darcy and the lass lying in this bed will come out this. Whatever you do, never break down.’
‘It’s just so hard seeing her and our little girl looking so helpless.’ Bo replied sadly, sniffling. ‘Especially Carly, after everything she went through; what I made her go through.’
‘Come on, son; she forgave you. And those months of separation just made you realise how strong your love for her actually is; stronger than you both realised. You being here with her now gives her a lot to live for. She can sense your presence even when she’s asleep and it gives her strength as she waits for the cure. So like I said, keep the faith.’
Bo nodded. ‘I will, Pop; I promise.’
‘That’s my boy.’ Shawn smiled broadly before fading into thin air.
‘No Pop, wait!’ Bo pleaded even though it was no use. He looked down at Carly, squeezing her hand. Keep the faith, for her and Darcy.
Marcus entered and Bo rose. ‘Hey man. You’re a sight for sore eyes.’ He said, hugging his old friend. Marcus was thinner, most of his hair gone and now wore glasses.
Marcus shrugged, smiling faintly. ‘You’ve aged pretty much yourself Bo Brady but you’re sure in better shape than me.’ He turned as Nathan entered the room.
‘Any progress?’
‘We’re working on it; Daniel and young Nathan here.’ Marcus said, watching Nathan as he swabbed a spot on Carly’s arm and took a blood sample before leaving the room. ‘I’m sorry we had to meet again in these circumstances. Darcy’s very pretty by the way.’
Bo smiled faintly. ‘You should see our two month old Byron.’
‘You’ve got a baby boy too? My… you are a fast worker! I can’t wait to see him.’
‘Right now, he and Ciara are with Sami and her husband Rafe. I sure hope when this is all over you’ll stick around for our wedding.’
‘Try and stop me. It’s long overdue anyway.’ Marcus delicately didn’t mention Hope or her being in prison; she wasn’t important to him anyway.
The door opened again and Kayla entered, her eyes meeting Bo’s. Bo scowled at her.
‘Kayla!’ Marcus went over to hug her. Good to see you, how’ve you been?’
Kayla’s smile was tight and her face bright red. ‘Fine… it’s so good to see you too. I came by to check on Carly…’ she pulled away to walk over to Carly’s bedside. Staring down at Carly’s very pale face, she raised her eyes to look at her brother. ‘You’re still mad at me, aren't you?’
‘Oh, does that shock you, sis?’ Bo asked sarcastically.
‘Okay, what’s going on here?’ Marcus asked, astonished.
‘Kayla here has something to tell you. And unless she’s as completely heartless as I think she is, she will tell the story straight instead of her own version of it. I’m going to check on my daughter if you don’t mind.’ Bo took his leave. As he closed the door behind him, his cell rang. It was Roman.
‘Justin just bailed Victor out.’
‘Surprise, surprise.’
‘We’re still going for malicious intent, right?’
‘Absolutely. Even if it turns out he’s not behind the virus; he’s the reason Darcy got attacked and I’m not letting him get away with that. Did he give the name of the man he sent over there to plant the cameras?’
‘No, he’s hell bent on keeping that to himself. But be warned, little brother. Victor’s wormed his way out of prison more times than we can count.’
‘Well this time, Victor’s got no leg to stand on and I think he made a major mistake this time.’
‘By telling us?’
‘No, by getting rid of the cameras. If you send officers to sweep our house; you probably won’t find the cameras there. So he can’t prove his man didn’t go there just to plant cameras to spy on Carly. So unless he gives us his goon’s name- he’s definitely going to prison either for malicious intent or attempted murder. When I think of how he acted all concerned when Darcy got hurt, I just want to bash his face in.’ Bo snarled.
‘Victor still insists he didn’t plant the virus in your car. He’s adamant on that.’
‘You believe him?’
‘After the lies? No way. Don’t worry, Bo. He’s going to pay.’
Bo hung up and entered Darcy’s room.
Kayla squirmed at the look of disgust on Marcus’ face. ‘When I think of the many ways Carly was there for your family; including you- I wish I was here at the time when Carly was going through all that to tell you and your family what I think of you.’ He said in a low, angry voice.
‘We’re not proud of it now, Marcus.’
‘What exactly was your excuse to begin with? To protect Hope? Did you actually believe this woman lying here had changed that much that you would treat her like that?’
‘I don’t want to hear what you have to say anymore. I know Carly Manning enough to know that she’s not the one who’s changed. It’s you and the rest of your family and frankly, I don’t like what I see. I’m very, very disappointed in you.’
‘Let me help you find the cure for Carly and Darcy; please.’ Kayla held on to his arm, tears pouring down her cheeks. ‘I want to be there for them; I want to help them get better. You’re right, we all did a bad thing. We were mean to her but  we regret it, we regret it! Please Marcus, I want to make it up to them; Carly especially. Please let me help.’
‘I already have Daniel and young Nathan and I don’t think Daniel will be happy if I included you. You want to make it up to Carly and your niece? Figure it out yourself. Excuse me.’
Kayla wiped her tears then moved to sit next to Carly. ‘You’re going to be okay.’ She said softly, stroking Carly’s hair. ‘And I’ll be able to tell you how sorry I am. I’m really sorry, Carly… we all are.’ She touched Carly’s very hot cheek. ‘Hang on, okay? When you get better, we’ve got  a wedding to plan all over again. Mum and I will plan a wonderful wedding for you and Bo. We’ll have a theme wedding if you like. That will be fun, won’t it?’
As she spoke, a wonderful plan came to mind.
‘Excuse me?’ Daniel said to the woman leaning over Darcy. ‘Visiting hours are over.’
‘She’s very beautiful, Daniel. Different from Carly but lovely.’ She turned and Daniel wondered if he was hallucinating as he stared at the ghost of Rebecca Jonas, his first wife.
‘Hello Daniel.’ She smiled, walking up to him. ‘It’s been quite a while.’
‘Oh… my God.’ Daniel couldn't believe it. ‘Becky… I… I can’t believe you’re really here.’
‘Yes. And I’m here because I sensed your worry over Darcy. While you’re helping Dr. Hunter with the cure, you’re afraid you may be too late to save her and Carly. Come on Daniel, where’s your sense of faith?’
‘I got it.’
‘No, you don’t. And you have to find it otherwise you might make a mistake. Your fear’s a distraction and you’ve got to get rid of it if you want Darcy and Carly to get better.  You won’t be much use to Dr. Hunter if you keep nursing that fear at the back of your mind.  You understand what I mean?’
Daniel swallowed, nodding. ‘But you should understand that fear, Becky. I thought I could save you; I thought I had time.’
‘My time was up.’           Rebecca said gently. ‘But you made the last few months of my life magic and wonderful. I loved you from the moment I saw you and treasure every single day I spent with you.’
‘I did too.’ Daniel whispered.
 ‘I’m glad you’re happy now. And Darcy’s going to be okay; Carly too. Let go of the fear, Daniel. Okay?’
‘Okay, I promise; I promise. Becky.’ Daniel replied hastily. ‘No more fear from now on.’
Rebecca smiled. ‘I believe you. Take care of her… and yourself.’
Daniel stared after her as she disappeared.
‘What’s the recent developments, Gus?’ Vivian asked over her cell.
‘Dr. Manning and Mrs. Jonas’ rooms are being guarded by police officers, Madame. No one except medical personnel and  family members are allowed in. And it seems another doctor has been called in to help; I saw him talking with Dr. Jonas and Dr. Horton.’
‘Fat chance they have of curing those two. Who is he?’
‘I don’t know his last name, he’s tall and African American. I heard Dr. Jonas call him Marcus.’
 ‘Marcus Hunter.’ Vivian said slowly, remembering Carly’s handsome, rather overprotective colleague. Should she be worried? No… the virus was fatal, more or less incurable. But still, why was Marcus specifically chosen to look into the case?
‘Stay around a bit longer, Gus. Use your eyes and ears even harder and get back to me.’
‘Yes, Madame.’

CARBO FAN FICTION: Return Journey Chapter 23

First of all, very sorry for the delay in posting new blog posts. Currently I am unemployed so I cannot afford regular internet service like I used to; I go to internet cafes when I can so please bear with me, thanks.

Chapter 23
Bo didn’t sleep that night at all; the bed was empty without Carly beside him and the house painfully lonely without the children. He wouldn’t be at home at all but Roman, John, Marlena and the others who came to visit Carly and Darcy had urged him to get some rest; he’d been with the two women all day. As he lay on his side of the bed, staring at the ceiling; his mind was filled with his princess. All those years leading separate lives, he never really forgot about her; he just wouldn’t let himself think about her. Not only because of Hope, he just couldn’t bear visualising her so happy with the man he hated so much. A few rare times, when he and Hope were in the middle of a fight, was when Carly would creep into mind and then the overwhelming, inevitable sadness following as memories of their happy times came one after the other. The one in particular were the nights on the Fancy Face. Carly nestled against him as they slept, her hand resting on the arm encircling her; his leg thrown over hers, inhaling the faint scent of soap and talc powder on her. Maybe it was because of the times he’d cruelly rejected her that made him feel so much closeness and comfort lying next her- a sign that she finally belonged to him. And the way they had pledged their love during the symbolic yet mystical Mayan ceremony which had entwined their souls as one until death; they felt the intense connection since then, even while simply sleeping against each other. No wonder they’d been so miserable apart- they were still spiritually connected the whole time; one soul incomplete without the other.
Bo needed no reminders what his life would be like without Carly Manning; he knew already. 
He then thought of Darcy. Darcy; a child they never thought they would have- or at least Carly had thought so- which was why she’d focused on being a good mother to Nicholas as well as Shawn Douglas. Darcy, who had led a sheltered life among nuns but at least safe from Larry. If only Carly had managed to send him a message about her, he would have brought her to Salem but he would’ve wanted to rescue Carly too. Their little girl suffering that terrible disease as well- just when she just got married. He couldn’t lose another child... not after the nightmare of losing Zack. What if the antidote didn’t work... what if she and Carly...
No, no! I mustn’t think like that! Bo told himself sternly, though the tears were already forming. They’re going to make it; Carly’s going to be my wife... Darcy’s going to have her own kids with Daniel. They will get through it, like I did!

He could her voice from a distance; soft and very tearful. The last thing he remembered was collapsing in her arms after pulling her away from danger.  His heart clenched at the sound of her crying... slowly pulling himself out of the void to speak to her, to comfort her.
‘Listen,’ she said, sniffling, ‘When you get better, we’ll go down to the river and go one on one.... what do you say? You say yes to this and I’ll bring the bait. I’ll let you pick your own names this time! You remember the last time?’ she was crying again. ‘We had a Fredrick, a Juanita and... and... I can’t remember the name of the one you caught... what did we name him? Why can’t I remember? ’
 ‘Tiny.’ He murmured at last.
‘Oh...’ the touch of her hand on his forehead. ‘Did you just say...?’
Slowly, he opened his eyes to peer at Carly. Her face was all blurry but he could make out her shape. Blinking his eyes, she slowly came to focus; his beautiful Carly, her cheeks wet with tears.
‘What’s wrong, Princess?’ he whispered.
‘Nothing’s wrong.’ She whispered back, more tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘I’m just so glad to see you’re going to make it, that’s all.’
‘Then... how come you look... so worried?’
‘I’ve just been going crazy for the last few days. I’ve been so afraid.’ She sniffled, her fingers running through his damp hair.
‘That explains it.’
‘Explains what?’
‘Your eyes are all... puffy.’ He smiled weakly. ‘you’re the most beautiful thing... I’ve ever seen.’
Carly smiled back.
 ‘Princess... I love you.’
‘I love you too.’ She took his hand, pressing it against her wet cheek. ‘so very much.’
Carly never gave up on him and he in return won’t give up on her, or Darcy.
Victor came again and this time, Maggie accompanied him; hanging on his arm. Daniel saw them at the lobby but pointedly ignored Maggie, still very bitter and angry with her for boycotting his wedding.
‘Bo, this isn’t the time to nurse malice; Maggie is trying to apologise.’ Victor said when he refused to acknowledge her greeting.
‘I’m not the one she hurt. And I never imagined Maggie of all people to behave the way she did; Hope’s aunt or not.’ Bo said flatly; sponging Carly’s head with a cold cloth; not looking at them. 
Maggie bowed her head; Bo’s words causing the shame she already felt to increase. ‘I’m aware of my behaviour Bo.’ She said softly. ‘I know how much I hurt Carly; Darcy as well. And...’ she glanced at Victor, not daring to tell Bo the real reason behind her own attitude; illogical jealousy towards Carly; believing Victor’s unexpected refusal to help Hope was because he had rekindled feelings for Carly. Bo may not speak to her ever again if he knew; he would be so disgusted and probably liken her to Hope. Encouraged by the squeeze Victor gave her hand she continued, ‘And I’m really sorry; I regret it terribly. And I’m sorry about what Carly and Darcy’s going through right now and what you and Daniel must be feeling.’ Walking to stand behind Bo, she touched his shoulder tentatively. ‘Please Bo... I’m sorry about the way I acted towards Carly... if she could hear me I would say so to her.’
As though she’d heard her words, Carly suddenly stirred and opened her eyes, turning her head slowly to look at Bo.
‘Hey, princess.’ Bo said tenderly; touching her cheek.
‘Carly, how are you feeling?’ Victor asked, his tone solicitous.
 Maggie moved forward to touch Carly’s arm. ‘Carly honey...’ she said softly. ‘Can you ever forgive me for what I did? You and Darcy didn’t deserve it and I’m so ashamed... and sorry.’
Carly swallowed then opened her mouth to speak but suddenly began jerking uncontrollably. Bo immediately pressed the button for help and Daniel dashed in, accompanied by Maxine and Melanie. Daniel barked orders at them and they hurried around, trying to calm the patient down.
‘What’s wrong with her?’ Bo demanded, his voice trembling. Victor and Maggie stared at the scene, speechless with fear.
‘Her temperature’s going up even higher, it’s causing her to have a seizure.’ Daniel snapped, drawing something from a vial with a syringe. ‘Talk to her... let her hear the sound of your voice; go on!’
Bo moved to Carly’s side, tears streaming down his cheeks at the sight of her in agony. ‘You listen to me, Carly Manning.’ He said, close to her ear. ‘I absolutely forbid you to die; understand? I need you... so do the kids; especially Byron. Don’t give up... don’t you dare give up on me!’
The ominous beeping of the monitor was still going on. ‘Keep talking to her, Bo!’ Daniel ordered; injecting her arm.
Bo swallowed, frantically racking his brain and then hit on a happy memory. ‘Remember that day... years ago at the old ball court at Chichén Itzá? That was the day I first asked you to marry me. You ran across the court to me and I held you in my arms then went down on my knee and I proposed...’ he wiped his tears with one hand, not noticing Maxine, Melanie and Maggie were keeping back their own tears with difficulty at his words, while Victor watched in silence. ‘I love you, princess; don’t leave me please! I swear... when you get better, we’ll have the wedding we never had. A real wedding with all the trimmings... everything you want! Just hang on, please hang on!
Daniel checked her pulse, watching the monitor anxiously. The erratic beeping subsided. ‘She’s stable, all clear for now.’
Bo wiped his eyes again, bending down to kiss Carly’s forehead, pressing his face against her hot cheek and squeezing her shoulder. Melanie saw the look of love on his face; which deeply moved her. They’re so lucky to find each other again... I’ve never seen a man so in love, she thought. I just hope Carly pulls through this, Darcy too. She glanced at Daniel, remembering his wife-her very good friend- was going through the same thing. He looked as tired and worried as Bo was looking. Instinctively, she reached out to squeeze his hand and he smiled faintly at the gesture. But the smile was instantly wiped off when Nathan dashed in; Darcy was experiencing a seizure as well. Luckily, the two doctors were able to calm her down with the same medication given to Carly and she was soon sleeping peacefully. Bo and Daniel looked at each other meaningfully, no words needed at how scared they had been.
‘I can’t wait for this to be over.’ Bo said wearily.
‘It will be soon.’ Daniel assured him. ‘Shane will be here soon. They’ll be cured and we’ll find out who’s behind this. Got any ideas, by the way?’
Bo stared daggers at Victor who was leaning over Darcy. ‘A few.’ He replied grimly.
At noon, Shane Donovan arrived with vials of the antidote in a locked case and two CDC specialists at Roman’s request to check Bo’s car. ‘Thanks so much for this Shane.’ Bo hugged his brother-in-law tightly.
‘Like you have to thank me for anything; Darcy’s my niece and you know I’ve always been fond of Carly. Are you okay?’
Bo shrugged. ‘How do you think I feel?  Carly and I were supposed to take our vows in front of a judge today and then head off to Cancun. And Darcy just started her married life.’
Shane shook his head in sympathy. ‘Kimberly and the kids send her love by the way.’
‘Thanks, I’ll call her later.’
‘What about Carly’s family?’
 ‘I called Frankie and Nicholas last night. They’re very upset, to say the least. I promised to keep giving them news about them but they said they’ll come over if they manage to leave work. Hopefully by then, they’ll be much better. Marcus sent word he’s on his way.’
Shane nodded. ‘Meanwhile... there’s still the matter about how they got this disease in the first place.’
‘I still don’t think they’ll find anything in the car; Byron was there with them the whole time and he’s not sick.’ Bo insisted.
‘Be that as it may Bo; we still have to check what we’ve got for now. And if we do find something, it’s officially a police matter.’
‘If somebody’s actually after me, why the hell will they use a virus? Why not shot me instead or plant a bomb?’
Shane shrugged. ‘Maybe it’s their way of being dramatic about it. Whoever’s behind this wants you to suffer... or rather wants to make Carly suffer watching you die of it.’
‘But Carly’s cured me before...’ Bo stopped short, remembering Daniel’s words; It’s a harder strain... the antidote won’t work. If Shane was right and the virus was actually meant for him, the culprit was dead sure she wouldn’t find the cure for it! But Carly and Darcy’s chances were high since what Marcus has to do is alter Carly’s serum; the culprit couldn’t possibly know that or the fact that only Marcus knew about Carly’s work. They were steps ahead; Marcus was a brilliant doctor and he would definitely save them. Bo forced himself to relax.
‘Let the specialists find out something before we jump into conclusions, okay?’ he said.
Shane shrugged, glancing at his watch. Roman was going to meet with the CDC men and get back to him if anything was actually found and he felt sure there would be; even though, as Bo insisted, Byron was hale and hearty.
Marlena, John, Brady and Adrienne came a while later to visit Carly and Darcy; followed shortly by Sami and Rafe; Ciara and Byron with them- the sight of his daughter and little boy cheering Bo up a bit. He tapered the sketch Ciara had drawn for Carly; while Daniel put up Darcy’s; wanting them to see something cheery when they woke up again.
Roman called while he was talking to Shane.
‘We were right, Bo. It was in your car the whole time.’
‘How the hell is that possible, Byron’s not sick!’ Bo argued.
‘That’s because the virus isn’t airborne like I thought. The CDC guys found something on your cup holder, a half empty bottle of Evian. What’s left in it has traces of the virus. That’s how they got it; it was in the water- Carly and Darcy took a drink from it.’
‘Oh my God...’ Bo’s blood ran cold as he thought about what Shane said, that the virus probably was intended for him. Victor once tried to kill him after all and he was always was a very good liar; disgustingly good at covering his tricks. He was the real target but instead his fiancée and their daughter fell into the trap. He could visualise it... Carly and Darcy talking in the car, then Darcy unscrewing the water, taking a sip then passing it to her mother...
‘Thanks Roman. I’ll meet you at the house in a few minutes.’ Bo hung up.
‘I take it old friend that you’re convinced this is a matter of foul play and not an accident?’ Shane asked, watching the look on Bo’s face.
‘The virus was in a bottle of water in my car, that’s how they got it and not Byron. And she was too tired to feed him that night, I heated some formula for him... finally everything makes sense!’
‘The few people know about this the better.’ Shane warned him. ‘Except Daniel and Marcus of course.’
‘Yeah, of course.’ Bo found Daniel and informed him.
‘Who the hell would try to kill you with a virus?’ Daniel demanded.
Bo’s grim look made him guess. ‘Are you kidding, he’s your father!’
‘Daniel, you don’t know the many unspeakable things that bloke’s done to Bo and Carly in the past.’ Shane said. ‘He’s capable of anything; all good actors wear masks so don’t be fooled.’
‘But Victor... Victor?’ Daniel couldn’t believe it.
‘It may not be him.’
The men turned to see Melanie behind them, looking pale and uneasy. ‘I overhead what you just said, sorry.’
‘You can’t say anything to anyone.’
‘No, of course not.’
Shane looked at the young woman suspiciously. ‘Why do you think it’s not Victor.’
‘I know Victor’s a creep but there’s someone else who might have had a motive. Not to hurt you but hurt Carly and Darcy through you. Chloe.’
Daniel stared at her. ‘What are you talking about?’
‘Look, Carly made me swear not to tell anybody; especially you, Bo and Darcy. It was a conversation I accidently overhead.’ Melanie rubbed the side of her neck, agitated. ‘Remember the time the elevator here crashed with Chloe in it? It was Carly who meant to be in it.’
‘What?’ Bo shouted.
‘Chloe had someone rig the elevator but at the last minute, she couldn’t go through with it. So she pulled Carly away before she could get into it but in the struggle Carly pushed her into it.’  
‘Why didn’t she tell me? How could she let Chloe get away with it?’ Bo demanded, unable to believe Carly would keep such a thing to herself.
‘That’s what I said, I begged her to tell you but she said it was an error of judgment on Chloe’s part and with her being pregnant at the time...’ she shrugged.
‘If that woman’s behind this, I’ll kill her with my bare hands.’ Daniel swore.
‘Wait in line, doc.’ Bo spat, bringing out his cell phone.
‘I didn’t put anything in your car, I swear it!’ Chloe Lane insisted.
‘But you’re willing to admit that you tried to kill Carly. We know about the elevator, Chloe.’
‘She said she was never going to tell you about that.’ Chloe mumbled.
‘You’re in big trouble, lady.’ Bo said ominously.
‘It was a mistake...’ Chloe pleaded. ‘Bo, listen to me; I pulled her away from there because I’m not a killer. Carly knew I cheated on Daniel. She didn’t know who it was at the time. But she said I was to come clean with Daniel or she’ll tell him herself. I was scared and angry; I didn’t know what to do. Then... then... I found myself talking to Vivian about how Carly was a thorn on my side and Vivian came up with the idea...’
‘My God!’ Bo thundered. Chloe shrank against her seat, her vivid blue eyes frightened.
‘Carly forgave me; she said Vivian was good at manipulating people.’
‘So that’s why you got so chummy with her.’ Roman said. ‘Because she didn’t press charges against you.’
Chloe swallowed and nodded. ‘That was when I made a deal with her; that if the baby turned out to be Daniel’s, she won’t say a word to him. I came back here to see if there was a chance I could get Daniel back... that’s all. Whatever it is that Carly and Darcy took to make them so sick, I didn’t plant it, I swear.’
Bo glared at her, filled with disgust. His cell rang in his back pocket and he answered it. ‘Brady.’
‘Hi, Bo.’ Came the familiar voice. Bo felt his heart lift. Marcus was in town at last.