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Wednesday, April 01, 2015



 I really loathe writing on politics on my blog but this particular topic can not be avoided. Last Saturday, Nigerians came out en masse to cast their votes and today the results released by INEC has shown that APC's presidential candidate; Muhammadu Buhari is the winner, hence the President- elect.
Well there's been a lot of reactions; mostly positive ones as Buhari is seen as a positive change in Nigeria- "VOTE FOR CHANGE; VOTE BUHARI."
Once he's sworn in, our new president will have a lot of work to do; most especially (I hope) aside from making several changes that will benefit the country for the better, see to the rescue of the remaining Chibok girls who were kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram almost a year ago, we all hope to hear good news regarding them from now on.
Aside from the hiccup in Rivers and Enugu doing Election Day, one can say that the Election went very well and with the results; the Nigerian people have definitely spoken. This will be the second time the country will have Buhari as its leader and with the majority of Nigerians who believed in him enough to cast their vote in his favor- we hope he would do a very job and be a credit to the nation under his administration.
The very best of luck to the new President-elect.

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