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Friday, June 06, 2014


Ian Fleming's creation is a huge part of Britian's culture and one of the longest movie franchises in history. James Bond is an icon that's a permanent fixture; whether in books and movies. Now 6 actors have portrayed him and it's really hard to decide who portrayed him best. Let's scroll down and examine my personal take.


Country of Origin: Scotland

He appeared in:

1. Dr. No

2. From Russia; With Love

3. Gold Finger

4. Thunderball 

5. You only Live Twice 

6. Diamonds Are Forever

Portrayal:  Connery's portrayal of James Bond was of a more suave, witty and less cold blooded image than Ian Fleming described in the novels. Though mind, he had his moments of coldness- watch the scene in Dr. No where he shot  Dr. Dent with cold calm.


Interesting Fact: The producers chose Connery from a long list of actors because he was the only one who refused to kiss ass. After appearing in 6 Bond movies, Connery quit as he wanted to avoid being typecast.


Country of Origin: Australia

He appeared in:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Portrayal: After Connery, Lazenby stepped into the role. His only Bond film, according to most critics, was the best in the franchise and the most touching. James Bond, notorious for his numerous affairs, actually fell in love with a strong willed lady and married her but tragically became a widower the same day he became a husband. He portrayed Bond not exactly as cold blooded as in the books, used more of his fists than his gun (Lazenby has a black belt) and viewers got to see his soft and sensitive side for once. However, some people felt he didn't measure up to his predecessor. I don't share that opinion, Lazenby was great. 



Interesting Fact: Lazenby is the youngest actor to portray James Bond, at the time he took on the role, he was 27. The producer, Albert Broccoli first met him while having a hair cut at the same place. It was Lazenby's decision not to do another Bond film.... a very stupid decision! 


Country of Origin: England

He appeared in:

1. Live and Let Die

2. The Man With The Golden Gun

3. The Spy Who Loved Me

4. Moonraker

5. Octopussy

6. For Your Eyes Only

7. A View To A Kill

Portrayal: Moore  mostly portrayed James Bond in a light hearted and witty image, more of a  suave player than the first two and the dry jokes came from his mouth  often. And he was rather different in behavior; he smoked cigars not cigarettes and hardly drank his signature drink, Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred). Yet he too had his moments of soberness, like when he visited his late wife's grave with flowers and  few moments of coldness, like in this scene in For Your Eyes Only:


Interesting Fact: Roger Moore played another iconic role before James Bond; which was Simon Templar a.k.a The Saint. He is the oldest actor to play Bond; 46 years old when he took on the role and 58 when he left. He is also the longest serving Bond actor, having appeared in 7 Bond films.


Country of Origin: Born in Wales

He appeared in:

1. The Living Daylights

2. License To Kill 

Portrayal: Dalton was mostly regarded as a double edged sword by the critics and some of the fans. While he played Bond exactly as described in the Bond books (and that's because he READ them), critics felt he played Bond 'too straight' and  too cold blooded. Frankly, I feel he played him better than Moore did; he was more serious and although he threw in some amount of dry wit now and then, he retained his cold and dark personality. The fact that he read the Bond books showed he wanted to stay true to the original character, to be exactly like Ian Fleming described. And Dalton made Bond more human, in Licence To Kill especially; he defied M and set out on his own to avenge his friend Felix and his bride Della who were attacked on their wedding night. Felix was thrown into the sharks and Della was killed. The scene where Bond bent over her dead body, there was sheer emotion on his face- as though he was reliving his own nightmare... his wife Tracy shot in the head as they were embarking on their honeymoon. Dalton's Bond was more defiant, darker than Connery's and Moore's and a more serious and accurate portrayal.



Interesting Fact: Dalton was chosen as Connery's successor after Connery's final Bond film, 'Diamonds are Forever' but Dalton turned down the role because he felt he could never measure up as Bond after Connery and he felt he was too young for the role.


Country of Origin: Ireland

He appeared in:

1. Golden Eye

2. Tomorrow Never Dies 

3. The World Is Not Enough 

4. Die Another Day

Portrayal:  Brosnan was just as serious but a bit less colder than Dalton and more sensitive. His Bond was rather witty and charismatic and appeared to have less issues than Dalton's Bond but I feel he also played a Bond you do not want to mess with at the same time.

Interesting Fact: Brosnan's late first wife- Cassandra Harris- was a Bond girl; Countess Liesl in For Your Eyes Only. It was during visiting her on set that Albert Broccoli saw Brosnan and felt he would be good for the role but Brosnan turned it down at the time because he was already committed to his show at the time, Remington Steele.


Country of Origin: England

He appeared in:

1. Casino Royale

2. Quantum of Solace

3. Skyfall

Portrayal: Craig's portrayal is well... almost hard to describe. His Bond is so cold, so blunt and defiant  and  he made it really obvious that Bond is isn't just a secret agent, he is an assassin. Like Dalton's Bond, Craig's Bond is humorless and ruthless and sometimes inhuman that one would call him an anti-hero. But like Timothy Dalton, Craig's Bond was like the one in the book, only much more darker than Dalton's Bond, hardly cracks jokes and a little less polished; he fights, he bleeds and you don't mess with him.



Interesting Fact: While his Bond predecessors strongly supported his casting as Bond, a lot of Bond fans objected, as they felt he wasn't right for the part. My opinion, please.... so what he has blond hair and not 6 feet tall like the other Bond actors, will that get in the way of his performance? After Skyfall, those who initially objected to Craig should just eat their words!


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