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CARBO FAN FICTION-Return Journey: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

‘Mummy, Grandma, Aunt Maggie; guess what?’ Ciara bounced into the Brady Pub; a delighted, excited expression all over her pretty face.
‘Ciara...’ Bo began, but Ciara was too happy and animated to heed her father. ‘Darcy’s getting married!’ She burst out gleefully, skipping about in excitement. ‘And I’m going to be a flower girl and Mel’s going to be her bridesmaid!’
‘To who?’ Caroline exclaimed, looking at Bo in askance. ‘I didn't know she was even seeing anybody.’
Bo tightened his lips, his eyes as hard as granite and she flushed red, immediately reading the expression on her son’s face. How could she expect to know anything going on in Darcy’s life after her behaviour towards Carly especially had caused Darcy to alienate herself from the family in the first place? Hope sipped her coffee, showing no interest.
‘So Daniel asked her to marry him? I didn't think they were serious.’
Shocked, Caroline turned to Maggie. ‘Wait... You knew about this and you didn't tell me?’
Ciara stared at them, confused. ‘Is it bad that Darcy going to marry Dr. Jonas?’
‘No, no... of course not, honey!’ Caroline immediately drew Ciara to her side. ‘It’s just a surprise that’s all. But a very wonderful surprise; I’m excited for her too.’
Smiling again, Ciara ran to Hope. ‘Mummy, Darcy said she’s going to pick out my flower girl dress and I’m going to have a flower basket and Melanie will be behind me and Darcy will come wearing a white dress...’
‘That’s fine sweetheart,’ Hope replied, trying to smile at her daughter’s eager expression. ‘It was very sweet of your sister to choose you especially.’
‘Me too, I don't want anybody else to be flower girl but me!’ Ciara said firmly.
Bo looked more than ready to explode so Caroline hastily asked one of the waitresses to take Ciara to the kitchen; explaining to the little girl that the grownups wanted to have a serious talk about her sister’s wedding. Taking the hint, Ciara meekly followed Tess.
‘Bo, I don't understand this... how can Darcy be involved with Daniel?  I thought he was with Carly now.’
‘I thought so too, until Hope and I saw them at the square.’ Maggie replied, glancing at Hope.
‘Please, just stop!’ Bo snapped, still trying to get rid of the image of Daniel and Darcy kissing and lying in each other’s arms.  
‘Just why are you so upset about this?’ Hope asked, her tone as neutral as possible but her heart beating fast; wondering if that conniving bitch had told Bo the truth after all. And if she had, she was more than ready to do battle to keep her marriage.
‘Because young brunette girls seem to be a damn weakness of his! First Chelsea, then Chloe- who just happened to be another man’s wife when he seduced her- now Darcy, an innocent kid who spent most of her life in a convent, what the hell does she know about men?’
‘From what we saw that day, she seemed to know enough.’ Hope said before she could stop herself.
‘You will not talk about my daughter that way again, got that?’ Bo snapped, making her flinch.
‘Bo, don't take it out on Hope, what’s the matter with you?’ Caroline scolded.
‘And you’re making it sound like Daniel is some wild playboy; which he isn't.’ Maggie added. ‘So he made a few errors in judgement in the past but he really loved Chloe and his breakup with her was not his fault and you know that. If he and Darcy are in love now, you can’t keep them apart- she’s of age.’
‘He’s not right for her.’ Bo said stubbornly. ‘And I’m going to have a word with Carly for allowing this to go on and not telling me.’
‘Well, yes... she should have told you, you’re Darcy’s father after all.’ Maggie hesitated, exchanging a look with Caroline and then Hope. ‘So... since Carly’s not with Daniel... does that mean the baby...’
‘Carly told me a long time ago that I’m not the father.’ Bo replied as coldly as he could. ‘And frankly, I could care less- I’ve got more important worries right now.’
He saw the look of relief on the three women’s faces and just managed not to grind his teeth in disgust.
‘Môn Dieu... he didn't hurt you, did he?’ Darcy cried, gripping Daniel’s arm.
‘No, no... he mostly yelled at me and I gave it right back to him.’ Daniel glared at everyone who could clearly see the bruise on his jaw; silently daring them to contradict him. Nobody did.
‘He has no right; he can’t stop us from being together.’
‘No, he can’t. But your father’s more stubborn than a mule and it’s going to take a lot to make him calm down.’ said Carly. As soon as she’d returned from Victor’s- Melanie and Nathan wasted no time telling her what had happened. Knowing Bo, Carly knew he was definitely going to give her an earful soon enough.
‘And one of the things he’s going to have to accept that what happened between Daniel and Chelsea is water under the bridge.’ Melanie added. ‘He can’t hold that against him forever.’
‘It’s not just that.’ Daniel looked at Carly. ‘He thought I was the father of your baby.’
‘Oh, dear God...’ Carly moaned in horror.
‘What?’ Darcy exclaimed.
‘Don’t you worry; I didn't tell him anything. But you better brace yourself for questions, my friend.’
Nathan looked very confused. ‘Why would he think it’s Daniel’s when it’s obviously his?’ he asked in surprise.
‘Well, it’s not.’ Carly replied shortly. She liked Nathan very much but he was a Horton; she couldn't risk him babbling to Hope or worse, Maggie who- though kindness itself- was the town gossip. Melanie knew the truth because Darcy told her and she was capable of keeping a secret, so she trusted her completely. Besides Nicholas, Frankie and Lynn; Maxine, Adrienne and now Victor knew Bo was the father and the less people who knew the better. ‘Bo isn't the father and I don't have to answer any questions he has because it’s none of his business- I’ve told him that already.’
‘He doesn't have any reason to bother you anyway, who the hell does he think he is, sticking his nose into your life after he broke up with you?’ Nicholas asked bitterly. ‘That man’s insufferable.’
‘I will handle Bo.’ Carly said, her tone firm. ‘But he’s not important right now. What we have to focus now is this happy news.’ She leaned down to kiss Darcy and then Daniel. ‘Congratulations to you both.’ Lynn did the same.
Nicholas warmly shook his future brother-in-law’s hand. ‘You don't believe in wasting time, do you?’ he teased.  
‘Absolutely not, Nick. Maybe it’s sudden but the greatest thing a person can do in is grabbing happiness when he can and I’m doing it.’
‘Maman, I’m so happy.’ Darcy whispered as Carly hugged her again. Carly kissed the top of her daughter’s head, happy tears stabbing her eyes.
‘I’m happy for you too, cricket. And you know what, your Uncle Frankie’s coming over soon so you’ll break the news to him and J.J.’
‘He’s coming over, that’s great.’ Melanie said. ‘Does he know about the prowler and what happened to Darcy?’
‘Yes. Actually I called him because I wanted to see if he can recommend the best eye specialist for her.’
‘Eye specialist?’ Darcy asked, panic now in her voice.
‘Yes, honey; in case you might need surgery after all.’ Daniel stroked her hair. ‘We need to be prepared.’
‘That sounds reasonable enough.’ Lynn agreed.
‘You’re going to see again, sis. Believe that.’ Nicholas assured her. ‘And soon; for you to witness your own wedding day.’
That brought a smile back on Darcy’s face. ‘True. But for now, when am I going to be allowed to go home?’
‘Tomorrow. And I’m starting my maternity leave next week; with your condition and me barely able to stand, I have no choice.’ Carly rubbed her stomach ruefully. ‘I swear sometimes it feels like I’m carrying two Sumo wrestlers.’
Everyone laughed. ‘Well it has been a while since you were pregnant, Carly.’ Melanie pointed out. ‘It can’t be that easy now, and you were bound to take time off early.’
‘Which is what she needs and I’m glad she’s taking it.’ Nicholas slipped his arm round his mother. ‘You still don't have any idea if it’s a boy or a girl?’
‘No... I told you I want to see for myself when he or she comes; not before.’ Carly replied, still rubbing her swollen stomach and trying not to be sad that Bo wouldn't be there beside her when she had their baby.
Guessing Bo would come over to the house later, Carly sent Nicholas and Lynn to the store for groceries and sure enough he showed up just as the locksmith had finished changing the locks. Paying the man, Carly closed the door and entered the living room where Bo was pacing, ‘So... let’s talk.’
Bo faced her, his expression angry. ‘Just when were you going to tell me about Darcy and Daniel, how could you keep such a thing from me?’
‘Daniel told me he went to the station to tell you and you kicked him out after telling him you could care less.’ Carly replied coldly.
 ‘I thought he was talking about you!’
‘Well, now you know better.’ Carly was angry as well. ‘Daniel’s a good man and he and Darcy’s in love. It makes no difference if you don't like it- Darcy’s an adult and she knows what she wants and that’s being with the man she loves very much. And whoever said Daniel and I are together or that he’s the father of my baby? Is that another ludicrous rumour about me going around town?’
‘I saw you two looking so cosy, what else was I suppose to think?’
‘And I saw you and Hope kissing and I heard you telling her you never wanted to be without her again, so I guess we are even!’ Carly shouted. ‘You asked me to forgive you, now I’m starting to wonder why I did! My baby and my life are none of your business; you left me to go back to your wife!’
Bo winced but he was determined to get an answer. ‘Who’s the father?’
‘None of your business.’
‘God damn it, Carly!’
‘Don't you swear at me, Bo Brady! Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? Why do you care I got knocked up either by Daniel or any man; is this a matter of misplaced ego?’
‘No, it’s the matter of knowing Carly Manning; Carly Manning wouldn't just go to a bar looking for meaningless sex! Since it’s not Daniel, then who else can it be?’
‘I’m going to say this one more time, this baby has nothing to do with you and it’s none of your business. And why should you be angry I went to another man; the whole time you made love to me, you were thinking about Hope!’
‘Oh yeah, that’s what you think? If you think that, then maybe the whole time we were together years ago, I thought of her the whole time.’ Bo said cruelly. ‘Every time I kissed you and touched you, it was actually her!’
Carly swallowed her anger and hurt, willing herself not to cry. ‘Lesson learnt and you’ve said more than enough. Get out of my house.’
Immediately contrite and unable to believe he’d said such a terrible thing to her, Bo stepped towards her. ‘Princess, I’m so sorry... I swear I didn't mean what I said.’ He whispered. 
Carly stared back, her face tired and sad. ‘You didn't mean it... you never meant to hurt me... just what am I supposed to believe now? Now it looks our love was a total sham- not like what you feel for Hope, it was never how you feel for her!’
‘Carly... wait a minute, look at me!’ Bo held her by the arms, desperately wanting to do damage control. ‘it’s not true, none of it is true!’
Tears slid down Carly’s cheeks as she disentangled herself from her grip. ‘Get out of my house, Bo. Get out of my life.’
 ‘Just go!’ she sobbed, pushing him away. ‘Just leave, get out of my house!’ she sank into an armchair, covering her face with her hands.
Bo blinked back his own tears, sickened and so ashamed of his behaviour. How could he have added more hurt on her, by belittling their great love like that? ‘Princess,’ he knelt down beside her. ‘I didn't mean it... the time we had together- I loved you more than life itself, that’s not a lie. Please, I’m sorry; I was angry that’s all.’
Carly raised her head, her eyes red. ‘I asked you to leave. Get. Out.’ she said slowly, a note of steel in her voice.
Swallowing, Bo rose and left the house, got into the car and drove off; not noticing the car parked at the other side of the street. If he had, he would have recognised it as Hope’s and would’ve seen her behind the wheel.
Inside the house, Carly wept bitterly and as if in sympathy; her baby gave a gentle kick. Nicholas and Lynn came back and after consoling her, helped her up to bed.
Carly had no idea how she was able to get through the night but she was able to sleep and despite Nicholas and Lynn’s protests went to work the next morning. Bo was no longer a lost love, he was a closed chapter. With that in mind, she drafted a letter of resignation, letting the hospital board know that after she gave birth, she was leaving Salem for good. The whole time she wrote it, she was stoical and did not shed a tear. She was a survivor after all.
‘I really wish you were moving to England with us right now.’ Nicholas said. ‘I don't want you in this place a minute longer.’
‘The people of this town and Vivian weren't able to drive me out of this town and I am not going to let Bo Brady do so. When I leave, it will the day of my own choosing.’
Maxine told her that Lexie had called in sick so Carly left the letter on her desk, hoping whatever she had wasn't serious. Darcy was dressed and eager to go home; declaring she wanted a large hoagie- she’d really loathed the hospital food. ‘I don't want to taste liver ever again, yuck!’ she added, making everybody laugh.
‘We will stop by for some on the way; lord knows I wouldn't mind a couple myself.’ Carly said. Rocky Road ice cream and burgers, the baby was very demanding. All well and good but she was the one who will have to do the callisthenics to get back in shape.
‘None for me, though.’ Lynn reminded Nicholas, who groaned.
‘I find the most beautiful woman ever to grace the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and she has to be a vegetarian!’ he said in mock disgust, kissing her on the forehead. ‘We’ll get you a salad, babe.’
Daniel kissed Darcy on the mouth, promising to come by the house as soon as he could. Maxine and Melanie promised to come by later as well. Just as Carly was closing the door of her office, a young man bearing a bouquet of long stemmed yellow roses and baby’s breath came up to her. ‘Dr. Carly Manning?’
He held out the bouquet. ‘Delivery for you. Sign here please.’
Carly signed the clipboard and took the flowers. She read the card which said, Forgive me, princess. Bo.
‘Not this time, never again.’ she muttered, blinking back sudden tears. Turning to an orderly who was nearby she gave it to him, asking him to throw it in the trash.
‘Throw them in the trash?’ he asked in surprise.
‘Yes, throw them in the trash, that’s where they belong!’ she spat, walking away.
The flowers were a poor sort of way of apologising to Carly but Bo ordered them anyway, wondering just how he’ll be able to get through to her; he’ll never forgive himself for saying such a thing to her, and to her face. Why should he sit in judgement of Daniel and his relationship with Darcy when he’d hurt Carly so badly? Their time together had been the best few years of his life; their love had been passionate, a love between spiritual equals. Every kiss, every touch was forever embedded in his mind and heart and he’d spent years blocking them out because he wanted to focus on what he had; his marriage to Hope after her sudden return to his life. He’d always regarded Carly as the second great love of his life and she was. Bo brooded over it as he stood at the same pier they’d first met over twenty years ago. The pain on her face had broken her heart and he’d been unable to sleep since then, managing to hide his feelings for Hope.
Hope! He grimaced, shaking his head. He couldn't blame her for his inner misery; the blame was all on him. He should have thought things over more carefully before allowing Carly to end their relationship- he’d known the connection between him and Hope was still there but he shouldn’t have made Carly feel she was only an interlude and why wouldn’t she think that after what she saw and heard at the docks? Will his shame and guilt never end?

‘You sparked something in me; A flame. That flame sure is burning strong. I think it consumed me.’
Carly’s glowing smile sent his heart racing as always. In seconds, he was devouring her mouth and as always she welcomed his kiss; his tongue in her sweet warmth.
‘I’m so in love with you.’ she whispered.
‘That’s good, princess. ‘Cause I sure do love you. More than life itself.’

From the moment he’d laid eyes on her, she’d fascinated him; those beautiful green eyes and her spunk. He’d felt the flame and hated it, as he was in mourning at the time but the flame had been there. Not so with Billie, when they’d first met he had arrested her for solicitation before helping her turn her life around, his love for her had come later; after Larry had taken Carly away from him. It hadn’t been enough for him to stay with her when Hope came back. He wouldn't have looked her as a potential lover if Carly had been around.
He wouldn't have left Carly when Hope came back.
The sudden epiphany shook him to the core. He wouldn't have left Carly for Hope...  that was the extent of his love for her. She wasn't just his second great love, she was his mature love- when he’d met Hope he was a young, brash biker; when Carly came to Salem, he was a widower and a father and she’d changed his whole outlook in life. They’d pledged their love on top of the El Castillo and were joined as spiritual partners and spiritual partners were forever connected.
‘I have to get her back.’ Bo said to himself. ‘And I will get her back.’
First of all, he was going to apologise to Daniel and give his blessing. Then he’ll convince Darcy to help him win her mother’s heart back.
At The Java, Hope barely touched her camomile tea; rage burning through her. She was yet to confront Bo about going to Carly’s house and ordering yellow roses for her over the phone; she’d heard him say it loud and clear, including what was to be written on the card. And she’d checked his cell phone while he was in the shower and found Carly’s number in the dialled numbers log. Carly was ruining her life all over again... it was only a matter of time before she confessed he was the father of her baby and then he’ll file for a divorce again.
‘Hello, Hope. It’s been quite an age, hasn’t it?’
Hope regarded the woman who sank into a chair opposite her coldly. ‘I have nothing to say to you, so would you mind going to another table?’
‘Come now, Hope; I thought we were friends.’ Vivian scolded.
‘We were never friends, get that into your head.’
‘I should say we were, considering we have one thing in common; a hatred for Carly Manning for destroying our lives.’
Hope stirred her tea, refusing to speak.
‘She ruined yours more, my dear. Thanks to her, you’re no longer in law enforcement; she drove you to those sleeping pills in the first place. And don't think I blame you for that; what woman would stomach seeing her loving husband with another woman?’
‘Vivian; will you please get the hell away from me?’ Hope snapped. ‘I don't need you telling me something I already know; Carly’s a home wrecking bitch but this time, she’s not taking my husband from me.’
‘This time?’ Vivian raised her eyebrows. ‘Don't tell me Bo has had a change of heart. What happened?’
‘It’s none of your business, I will handle this myself, thank you.’ Hope said curtly.
‘Very well, dear. But if you should need a shoulder to cry on...’ Hope flinched as Vivian laid a manicured hand on her shoulder. ‘I’m right here. Believe me, I feel whatever pain you’re going through.’
‘You know shit.’ Hope snapped, marching out of the coffee shop and slamming the door behind her. Vivian calmly ordered a latte. Hope Brady was clearly nursing rage and in due time, she will come running to her. She could afford to be patient.
‘Look who’s here.’ Bo said as soon as Hope entered their house.
‘Shawn D, what a wonderful surprise!’ Hope exclaimed, rushing over to hug her son, suddenly feeling better. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘I got time off work and then I thought I could use the time to see you all and finally meet my sister.’ He looked at his father, his expression sober. ‘And of course I want to see Carly.’
Hope bit her lip, turning her face away. Ignoring her, Bo cleared his throat. ‘I’ll give you her address, she’ll be glad to see you.’
‘Have you caught the prowler?’
‘No, not yet. So far, we’ve got no leads and we don't know yet if Darcy’s blindness is temporary, if it’s not she’s going to need surgery.’
‘Damn...’ Shawn D shook his head, his eyes troubled.
‘In the meantime,’ Hope forced a smile. ‘Why don't I fix us a snack?’
‘Sounds great.’ Shawn D replied, but his tone sounded more absent minded than enthusiastic. Gritting her teeth, Hope went into the kitchen. She’s even got her hooks on my son! She screamed inwardly, her hand trembling as she opened the fridge. Is there anything that woman won’t take from me?!
‘You guys are okay now, right? You and Mum?’
Bo shrugged, not yet ready to confide in his son. ‘Pretty much.’
‘Too bad it had to come at someone else’s expense. This is Carly we’re talking about Dad, what the hell were you thinking?’
‘Son, it was complicated. And I do feel bad about it.’
‘That woman was like a mother to me!’ Shawn D hissed, low enough for only Bo to hear. ‘She’s not some person you can just have an affair with...’
‘It was not an affair.’
‘Then how the hell can you define it? Couldn't you have talk things out with Mum before you decided to have a thing with Carly, knowing very well you wanted Mum back? Have a fling while you were separated, but it shouldn’t have been with Carly!’
‘We’re not doing this now!’ Bo hissed back. ‘Coulda, woulda, shoulda... I’ve heard it more than enough! It’s bad enough Carly and your sister aren’t talking to me, I don't have to be reminded how I screwed up from you!’
‘You don't like hearing it, you shouldn’t have done it and I fucking hope that Carly will let me inside her house. Because if your major mistake has ruined my own relationship with her, just know I’ll never forgive you.’ was the cold reply. ‘I’m going to wash up.’
Bo sighed heavily, rubbing his face. So far Carly refused to answer whenever he dialled her cell, refused to reply his texts. He could only hope that after giving her a few days to cool off, he’ll get her forgiveness again.... with Daniel and Darcy’s help. Daniel has agreed to meet with him at The Cheating Heart later in the evening.
 ‘Mum, a surprise for you.’
Carly took one look at the smiling young man standing beside her son and she exclaimed in delight; arms outstretched. ‘Shawn D! Oh my God, is that you?’
‘Carly...’ Shawn Douglas enfolded her in his arms as close as her enlarged tummy would allow, kissing her on both cheeks. 
 Pulling back a bit, she touched his face with her fingers; smiling tenderly. ‘My beautiful boy...Look at you all grown up and so taller than me now.’
Shawn Douglas laughed.
‘How’ve you been, honey? How’s your wife and your little girl, did they come with you?’
‘I’m sorry no, at the last minute Claire came down with a cold but Belle didn't let me cancel the trip.’ He stared down at her stomach, then back at her, his eyes questioning.
‘Come on man... later about that. We have a lot to catch up on!’ Nicholas took his jacket and put it away.
‘Yeah sure...’ Shawn Douglas put his arm round Carly’s shoulders. ‘So where’s my sister?’
‘She’s upstairs resting, she was discharged today. Nicky, make some coffee and finish heating the pizza, will you?’
‘Sure, Mum.’
Darcy was sitting up in bed, while Lynn brushed her hair. They both turned as the door opened. Shawn Douglas was startled at how Darcy looked so much their father, albeit in a more feminine way and with much longer hair.
‘Cricket, your brother Shawn D is here to see you.’
‘Oh.’ Darcy stretched out her hands which Shawn Douglas immediately took. ‘I’ve waited so long to meet my other brother and I can’t see you how you look like.’ she said wryly.
‘You will, in time.’ He smiled, hugging her close. ‘I’m very happy to meet you, sis.’
Darcy smiled shyly. ‘I am too.’
‘And this is Nicky’s fiancée, Lynn...’
‘Lynn Eddowes, I recognise her.’ Shawn D shook her hand, grinning. ‘My wife’s a huge fan and I got to say you’re a lot prettier in person. Nick’s a lucky dude.’
‘You’re too kind.’ Lynn replied, laughing.
Shawn Douglas looked at his sister, already warming up to her; she had an aura of innocence about her, something Chelsea never exactly had- Chelsea was vivacious yet exasperatingly cocky half the time, well... before Zach’s untimely death. Darcy on the other hand had quiet natural grace; just like Carly.
After dinner where he learnt about Darcy’s engagement to Daniel and congratulated her, Shawn Douglas and Carly sat on the porch to talk alone.
‘I heard what happened, Carly and I’m so very sorry.’
‘It’s over and done with.’
‘But you got hurt.’ Shawn Douglas stressed. ‘Damn it, you and Dad have a major history- he totally crossed the line! If he wasn't sure, he should never have promised you anything!’
‘Honey, I was the one who broke up with him, because I knew he wanted to be with your mother. Feelings aren’t something you can deny and I don't want you to hold it against him because you feel for me.’
‘You were there for me, far more than anyone before Mum came back. And after she came back, it’s not like it was all bed and roses between her and Dad; not all of it was because of Billie. They had problems and if you hadn’t come back, I’m willing to bet anything Mum would’ve filed for a divorce.’
‘You’re being too hard on your own mother, stop it.’ Carly admonished. ‘She realised her mistake and your father forgave her. You should be pleased about it.’
‘Not at your expense, Carly. I loved you and I still do. I can’t forget all those times you were there for Dad and me; especially when I got hurt down that hole.’ Shawn D said emotionally. ‘You filled a space that Dad couldn’t. So for him to do this to you, I could...’
Carly hugged him tightly when he reached for her, stroking his hair. ‘I’ve long accepted what happened and the fact that we are not meant to be together, honey. Please don't let this affect your relationship with your parents. I’m going to be okay.’
Shawn D pulled back, looking down at her stomach. ‘And he didn't even tell me about this, either. Just to show how much he cares about you.’
‘I told him it’s not his baby.’
Shawn Douglas frowned. ‘Isn't it?’
Carly stared at her foster son, realising she couldn't lie to him. Shawn Douglas stared back, realisation coming to him. ‘Oh my God... Carly, why?’
‘I can’t destroy your parents’ marriage, this will definitely drive them apart and I won’t be responsible for that and I have to protect this baby. I’m going to leave town after it’s born anyway and everything will be the same, long before I came.’
‘You’re unbelievable!’ Shawn Douglas said incredulously. ‘How can you actually make this kind of sacrifice?’
‘Because I love your father and I will always love him!’ Carly said, her voice  shaking.  ‘That’s the only thing that hasn’t changed! And I have to protect this child from slander, he or she will understand when the time comes. Please understand why I have to do this.’
‘I do, I just wish I didn't.’ Shawn Douglas muttered, drawing her into his arms again. ‘You just reminded me further just why I love you, Carly. That’s the other thing that will never change, for anything!’
Across the street, hidden by the darkened interior of her car; Hope watched Carly and her son sitting on the lighted porch, her hands gripping the steering wheel.
‘No hard feelings then, man?’
‘None. Darcy will be glad to hear you’re cool about us now.’
‘And can I count on both of you to help me get Carly back?’ Bo asked.
‘Well, you’re going to have to convince Darcy you mean it before she agrees to help. And you’re going to have to do a lot of work yourself; you really put your foot in it saying all that to her.’
‘I know I did.’ Bo gripped the handle of his beer mug. ‘And I’m ready to do anything, including letting her know how much I love her.’
‘Better late than never. And I’m sure glad you finally came to your senses.’ Daniel said dryly.
Bo grimaced.
‘Don't worry, in the end Carly’s going to forgive you. At least you know she still loves you- she can’t stay mad at you forever.’ And maybe she’ll finally tell him the truth about the baby. Daniel was going to leave that task to her; it wasn't his place at all. And for Carly’ sake, he hoped Bo really was serious about wanting another chance with her.
Lexie was still away sick and Carly made a mental note to go and see her on the way home; she was starting to get worried. Sorting her desk, she looked up as the door opened. She straightened up, frowning. ‘Don't you knock?’
Without replying, Hope dropped an envelope on her desk. ‘What the hell is this?’
‘You open it and you’ll see.’
Carly obeyed, drawing out a check. ‘A check for five million dollars? Why are you giving me this?’
‘Moving expenses.’ Hope said, her face hard. ‘I want you out of Salem, out of my life for good.’
Carly laughed hollowly. ‘I have more money than I can ever count in  a life time so try and find another subtle way of insulting me. And for the record, you have no authority over me, I will leave Salem when I’m ready.’
‘You will leave now!’ Hope shouted. ‘I’ve had it up to here with you! First you fucked  my husband and now you think you can take over my son as well! I am Shawn Douglas’ mother, not you! You have no right taking over what’s mine!’
‘Shawn Douglas is a living, breathing human being, not a piece of property! I have the right to love him, I always have.’
Hope laughed harshly. ‘Until when you chose Lawrence Alamain over him and Bo, you had enough of slumming, didn't you,  high and mighty Lady Von Leuschner? Vivian’s right about you; you put on the pure, innocent act and then you poison everything you touch! And you have the nerve to sit in judgment of me and entice Bo into your bed... it makes me sick just to even look at you! I want you gone, Carly Manning, for good!’
‘I’m not inclined to obey your orders, Hope Brady.’ Carly snapped back. ‘ I don't care what you  or Vivian think of me. As for Shawn D, he will always be my son, whether you like it or not- some bonds are meant to be unbroken. And this is what I think of your check and your jealousy.’ Taking the slip of paper, she tore it  into pieces. ‘Petty and pathetic. Now, get out of my office before I call security to throw you out.’
She turned away to throw the pieces away and Hope darted over to her and grabbed her by the shoulders. ‘Get out of my life, you thieving bitch!’ she screamed, shaking her.
‘Let go of me!’ Carly struggled fiercely.
In great rage  Hope backhanded her across the face, causing Carly to fall and landing heavily onto the floor, just as the door was flung open. Hope turned wildly, her hands shaking, frozen on the spot at the sight of Carly’s brother.  
Frankie stared at her for a second then hurried to the other side of the desk, pushing Hope roughly aside. ‘My God... sis, are you okay?’ he exclaimed, falling to his knees next to Carly.
Carly was crying, her hands clutching her stomach. ‘Call someone , please...’ she begged.
Nicholas roughly grabbed hold of Hope as she tried to run away; J.J meanwhile had already dashed off for help. ‘And just where do you think you’re going?’ he shouted.
‘Don't you let her get away, Nicky!’ Frankie ordered, not moving away from his sister.
‘It was an accident...’ Hope muttered, still struggling.
‘Oh, so your hand just  happened to accidently sweep across my mother’s face and caused her to fall?’ Nicholas gripped Hope by the neck tightly, causing her to cry out in pain. ‘Make no mistake, you’re going back to prison. And this time, you piece of psychotic trash, my uncle and I are going to make sure you get the hardest sentence possible and have the judge throw away the fucking key!’ 

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Let me clarify something first ; I'm an ex-viewer of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, I no longer watch nor support it; it's a show that lost its glory a long time ago and I could care less if it remains for more seasons or not. I'm so disappointed at how the show is now; especially with the absence of my favorite couple- Bo and Carly.


This is not something I expect to happen  at all but it's an interesting question: which actor can fill Peter
Reckell's shoes? That itself is not even  possible except from 1992-1995 when Bo Brady was played by Robert Kelker Kelly. His portrayal was good; not the same as Peter's because I (and probably other viewers back then ) noticed that the working rapport wasn't as strong as the one she had with Peter and from  what I saw in the old clips, she truly truly tried her best to make their scenes together work.

Who else can likely play Bo Brady aside these two actors; nagging question! I went over the actors I liked the most and finally settled on actor Lorenzo Lamas. He played Hector Ramirez in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and before that I saw him in RENEGADE where he played a Harley riding bounty hunter with a price on his head. He's talented enough, certainly more than handsome enough and tough looking enough to play the role; plus in real-life he's into motorcycles, he launched a motor cycle company some years ago.

I know a lot of people  can't see a third actor play Bo but come on...  how many DAYS OF OUR LIVES faithfuls ( which does NOT include me)  will continue to be content with  the "Invisible Bo" angle that is currently going on; I would be bored to tears by now! If I owned a Soap and made several mistakes; I would do all I can to rectify those mistakes immediately. But so far I've heard of no real changes. The real solution is for Peter and CC to come back and the era of Carbo 3.0 begin  but since that's not ever going to happen; either they get a Bo recast or bounce Hope from the show for good.

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CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Victor sat in his study, waiting for Carly to arrive. He’d phoned her an hour ago, asking her to come by the house when she had the time; luckily she wasn't busy and agreed to come, to his relief. He had plenty to say to her and he hoped a lot of good will come out of it. He was truly ashamed of the whole business and for the fourth time wondered what Isabella would think of him and everybody else if she was alive right now. Carly had been her best friend and doctor and she’d thought the world of her; the more he looked back, the more it sunk in that Carly had really been mistreated.
‘All because that overgrown brat has to keep calling her own husband to heel!’ Victor muttered, tossing the newspaper he was reading away impatiently. Of course he couldn't voice that opinion to Maggie; she would never side with him- all the Hortons always seemed to have one objective, keeping their precious Hope in their protective cocoon besides finding excuses for her. Carly was far different from Hope; actually far different from all his ex –wives, not only because of her lineage or beauty but her personality and the way she always seemed to radiate energy and firmness in anything she did. Victor smiled ruefully at the memory of their short marriage. He’d tried so hard to help her forget Bo but his deceit caught up with him big time and he’d lost her forever. But they’d had their good times...

Carly’s green eyes danced with mischief. ‘I’ll give you a hint; it’s almost your birthday.’
‘My birthday?’
‘Mm hmm...’ she smiled widely. ‘And I want to throw the biggest, most elaborate party Salem has ever seen.’
‘Well...’ he chuckled, touched by her enthusiasm. ‘That’s very sweet of you but I don't want to make a big fuss about getting a year older.’
‘Come on... everybody wants a little attention on their birthday, no matter how much they deny it.’ She insisted, moving to the dressing table to pick up a hairbrush, running it through her hair.
‘You aren’t going to let me out of this, are you?’
‘Not on your life. It’s too important a day to just pass up without celebrating. Besides...’ she turned to look up at him. ‘I want to honour you, Victor. I want to thank you for being the kindest, most understanding man in the world and I want everyone to know how I feel.’
‘Everyone?’ he asked ruefully, knowing very well how Bo would react; considering the content of the letter he wrote to Carly, the letter she will never find out about. He felt no guilt about having the forger compose another letter; Bo had his chance and blew it, Carly belonged to him now and Bo will just have to choke on his loss after the shabby way he treated her.
‘I know people have their doubts about our marriage, despite what they say on the contrary but I think this would be a good opportunity to prove them wrong, show them we have something lasting and worthwhile.’
‘As long as you believe it, that’s all that matters to me.’
‘I believe it; I believe we have so much ahead of us.’ She suddenly blushed. ‘I know we haven’t... but I will be your wife soon, I promise you; in every way.’
Eat your heart out, boy... he gloated inwardly; smiling at her tenderly. ‘Can you spare an early birthday gift then?’
‘What’s that?’
 Leaning down, he planted a kiss on her rosebud mouth. Soon enough, maybe on the night of his birthday, he will plant kisses all over her soft, supple body and finally make love to her.   

‘Dr. Manning has arrived, sir.’ Henderson announced, sharply bringing him back to the present.
‘Thank you, show her in.’ To his surprise Carly was not alone; at her heels were Nicholas and his girlfriend.  ‘Nicky, hello.’  He greeted, turning to nod politely at Lynn. ‘I was expecting just Carly.’
 ‘You honestly didn't expect us to let her enter this house alone, did you?’ Lynn said sharply.  
‘Carly has nothing to fear from me.’
‘Like we’re going to take the word of a career criminal. What  exactly do you want from her, Kiriakis?’ Nicholas demanded, a ferocious scowl on his face, causing him to look like his late father more than ever.
‘Nicholas.’ His mother’s quiet, calm voice carried enough authority in it to shut him up but his scowl deepened. Victor smiled faintly at the expressions on the young couple’s faces. They were Carly’s family after all, why wouldn't they be protective of her? ‘Let me assure you, I have no bad intentions, I meant what I said about truce, especially given the recent events. I just want to talk, nothing more. I hope you believe that, Carly.’
Carly turned to Nicholas and Lynn. ‘Wait for me in the living room, I’ll be fine.’
Nicholas squeezed her shoulder and left the study with Lynn, after directing another glare at Victor. To Henderson who was still hovering at the doorway Victor instructed, ‘Serve Mr. Alamain and Miss Eddowes some coffee.’
‘Yes sir. Would you like a drink as well, Dr. Manning?’
‘No, Henderson but thanks.’ Carly looked at Victor squarely in the eye after Henderson closed the door. ‘So...what is this about?’ She sat on the antique leather couch. Victor  looked at her intently; remembering how he assured Hope she was better looking and more graceful than Carly, more to spite Carly behind her back. Now he felt like such a stupid, petty fool as he stared at the woman he was once married to; proudly beautiful, graceful and dignified, the epitome of the aristocratic lady she was. The recently tinted hair made her eyes look greener and considering everything she’s been through, completely composed.
‘Well, first off; to let you know that I really want us to let bygones be bygones- I meant every word.’
‘I was more than ready to start afresh, since Bo and I now have a child, it was you who preferred to hold on to your hatred. Which is weird, since you did a lot of unspeakable things to Bo and me, Isabella too.’ Carly said bluntly.
‘Isabella’s death made me think of a lot of things, I hurt her just as much as I hurt Bo but in the end she gave me another chance to be a better father to her, even though I didn't deserve it. Lord knows it took Bo a long time before he finally decided to let me be a part of his life like Shawn was. Shawn Brady was a good man and thanks to him, Bo is the man that he is today.’ Victor sighed heavily. ‘And the time you were together, he was very happy; you brought out the best in him, I admit that much.’
‘Three years isn't the same as twenty five years of marriage to a childhood love. And I really don't want to talk about Bo and me, it’s all in the past.’
‘He’s a huge part of your past, Carly; there’s no way we can avoid that subject.’
Carly shook her head, baffled. ‘Why are you talking to me about this? Why do you suddenly care? You weren't happy when Bo and I got back together when I came back to Salem, you certainly made that loud and clear!’
‘As his father, I didn't want his life more complicated than it already was and I honestly felt he and Hope would reconcile, like they always did; ignoring the fact that Hope caused half of the problems they had. And as your ex husband... all the resentment I didn't know I still had just came out in the open. It’s something I’ll always regret Carly, that and what went on years ago. I know more than anyone else just why Bo fell in love with you in the first place and the reasons are still there.’
Carly lowered her head. ‘Victor, please don't...’
‘Let me say this, Carly.’ Victor said forcibly. ‘It’s something you need to know; I am  not going to  justify my own behaviour; I just want  you to know how sorry I am; for everything I said to you and for the way I treated you. I can’t speak for everybody else but at least I can offer my own apology. It was uncalled for and you didn't deserve it at all; you were my daughter’s best friend and I can only imagine how she would feel if she was here to see it. If a woman is condemned just because she’s still a very beautiful person after all these years, then we’re very sick people, me included!’
‘You’re not sick, nor is anybody else.’ Carly said at last. ‘It hurt, it hurt a lot... but I hold no grudge, mostly for Darcy’s sake.’
‘It’s not just for Darcy Carly, don't say that; it’s a part of you. You’re compassionate and generous; you still are. I’m sorry about everything and I’m really sorry things between you and my son didn't work out.’
Carly swallowed but kept her composure. This was the last thing she ever expected from Victor Kiriakis but she wasn't going to allow it to overwhelm her. ‘That’s alright, Victor. It wasn't meant to be and I’ve moved on  as much as I can. And... looking  back at what happened,  all your son  did was follow  his heart. It was painful but it was far better than letting  me live a lie. Two people who love each other as long as Bo  and Hope have should never fall apart, for any reason. They learn to accept each other’s faults and work things out and the connection will always be there. Jennifer warned me and I didn't listen, and I paid the price; big time.’
‘But you still have his child.’ Victor reminded her.
Carly smiled faintly. ‘Yeah, I’ll always have Darcy.’
‘I mean the baby you’re carrying.’
Carly paled,  opening her mouth to protest but Victor shook his head. ‘Don't bother denying it, Carly; we both know Bo’s the father.’   
‘That’s none of your business, or anybody else’s!’ she hissed, green eyes flashing.
‘Now, now Carly... don't get angry. I’m not trying to imply anything or make accusations.’ Victor placated immediately. Carly covered her face, mortified. Sighing, Victor walked over  to sit next to her on the couch. ‘Bo doesn't know it’s his, am I right?’
‘Alright, he doesn't know!’ Carly snapped, glaring at him. ‘And he will never know, Victor; if you tell him I will deny it!’
‘Why would you deny him his own child?’ Victor snapped back.
‘Just like you said, to avoid complicating his life... and mine! I won’t let this child come between him and Hope and I will not be accused of lord knows what again! You honestly think Bo will  allow anything to come between him and Hope again? To prevent a major battle , Bo can never know he’s the father of my baby and just  like I told your precious daughter in law, I’m leaving town after the baby comes. By then Daniel and Darcy would be married so I know she’ll be in safe hands.’
‘Daniel and Darcy?’
Carly nodded. ‘He loves her very much and don't worry; he already told me about Chelsea- he’s not going to blow it this time.’
‘Well, I’m not sure what Bo will say, but I’m very happy about it. My godson’s a fine young man.’ Smiling at the prospect of seeing another grandchild married and forcing back his overwhelming guilt, he added, ‘You’re seriously going to leave town again?’
‘I have to, for my own peace of mind and for the baby’s sake; even you have to understand that. For some reason, Hope is still threatened; you would think after she and Bo renewed their vows she would have nothing to worry about now.’
If only you knew, Carly... Victor thought. Hope had realised long  Carly was a far different woman than her and Billie and it irked her; especially since Carly didn't resort to tricks, wiles or tantrums to get Bo to fall in love with her all over again.
‘I do understand, strangely enough. But don't you think you’re being unfair to him all the  same?’
‘Sometimes we just have to make decisions that cause us a lot of pain. You think I was happy when I told him the baby wasn't his? You think I was happy he wasn't there in the delivery room with me when Darcy was born? You think it was easy for me to let the man I love go just like that and watching him embrace his true love so fast, like I never existed? This isn’t self pity or revenge Victor; it’s survival. I have to do this.’ Carly stared him down. ‘You will not betray me by telling Bo, understand? I will protect this baby with all I’ve got, even if I have to lie.’
‘And you don't nurse the possibility that maybe my son might still be in love in you?’
‘Oh my God...’ Carly laughed mirthlessly, shaking her head. ‘No “maybes”, no “perhaps”. It’s over and no, I don't nurse it. Bo is where he wants to be, period. The only thing that links us as far as he’s concerned is Darcy; nothing more.’
‘It’s one hell of a sacrifice.’ Moved, Victor reached out and took her hand. ‘But what else can one expect from you. I think you’re very brave, Carly. And I’m really  very sorry. Can you ever forgive this old fool, so late in our lives?’
Carly found herself smiling faintly and covering their clasped hands with her free hand. ‘Who knew this day would actually come? Of course, I forgive you. You old fool.’
Victor laughed and Carly laughed with him.
In the meantime...
‘What the hell do you think you’re doing with my daughter, Jonas? Just what?!’ Bo snarled, slamming Daniel  hard against the wall. It was a wonder he was able to keep his hands to himself after walking in on Daniel and Darcy; he was so very angry. After leaving Ciara with her sister, he’d called Daniel outside to talk, waiting until they got to his office before letting him have it. ‘You dirty bastard!’
‘The fuck’s wrong with you, Brady?! Get off me!’ Daniel pushed him off, glaring at him. ‘You...’ Bo’s voice shook with rage. ‘How dare you... my daughter!’
‘What the hell’s wrong with you? First you act like a jerk, telling me you could care less about Darcy and me, now you’re here playing the protective Daddy crap! Screw you, Bo; I don't have to explain myself to you, neither does Darcy!’
‘Yeah, and does Darcy know that you...’ Bo stopped, mind rapidly reversing. ‘What do mean I said I could care less?’
‘Remember, at the station?’ Daniel snapped, adjusting his shirt. ‘When I came over to talk about Darcy and you basically threw me out?’
‘Talk about Carly, you mean.’ Bo shouted back. ‘You think I don't know you’re the one who knocked her up?’
‘Yeah, the jig is up. You’re not doing another round of double dealing, not while I’m around! You honestly think I would let you get away with seducing both Carly and my daughter?!’ Bo raged, hands balled into fists; more than ready to punch him out.
‘You’re certifiable, Bo Brady!’ Daniel said angrily.
‘Hey, everything okay in there? ‘ Nathan’s voice piped up from the other side of the door.
‘Move it along, Nathan!’ Bo snarled, eyes not leaving Daniel’s scowling face.
Startled, Nathan stepped away from the door, wondering why Daniel and Bo were yelling at each other; normally the two men got along very well.
‘Hey.’ Nathan turned to find Melanie at his elbow looking puzzled. ‘What’s going on in there?’ she whispered. ‘Who’s Daniel yelling at?’
‘Bo it sounds like, I have no idea what they are arguing about but they both sound really mad.’
‘What should we do,  go in there?’
‘Are you kidding? When Bo gets mad; everybody gets out of the way, and fast! I’m not going in there for anything, neither are you. Things could get ugly.’
‘Well, we can’t stand here and do nothing!’ Melanie argued, a panicked look on her face as the two men’s voices grew louder. ‘Where’s Carly, she can put a stop to this.’
‘She left a while ago with Nicky and Lynn; I don't know where she is.’ Nathan winced. ‘Just what the hell are those two arguing about?’
Melanie bit her lip worriedly, then grabbed her boyfriend’s arm. ‘I got it; I’ll get Darcy!’
‘You can’t drag her out of bed just like that, are you crazy?’ Nathan ran after as Melanie marched down the hall, towards her friend’s room. ‘She needs to rest!
‘She’ll tear my head off if Daniel gets beaten up and I didn't tell her about it.’ Melanie insisted, reaching the door and flinging it open, stopping short, Nathan almost bumping into her.
‘Who is that?’ Darcy asked. She was  sitting upright in bed, Ciara on her lap.
‘It’s Melanie and Nathan.’ Ciara replied, looking at them curiously.
‘Is something wrong? You rushed in here like there is a fire, what is it?’
Nathan glared at Melanie warningly. There was no way they could tell Darcy what was happening with Ciara there. ‘Umm.. nothing, nothing sweetie, we just thought we’d come by and sit with you for a bit.’ Darting a helpless look at Nathan, Melanie closed the door behind them, praying there won’t the sound of broken glass and thrown chairs.
‘Well, that is good; I actually wanted to talk to you both anyway. Where’s my mother? I have some wonderful news.’
‘She went out with Nicholas and Lynn.’ Nathan said.
Darcy frowned then shrugged. ‘Then the three of you will hear it first.’ She beamed. ‘Daniel has asked me to marry him.’
Melanie let out a cry of delight before running over  to hug her friend. ‘That’s so great!’ she exclaimed, squeezing Darcy hard. Ciara clapped her hands in delight, while Nathan smiled, leaning over to kiss Darcy on the cheek. ‘So great... congratulations! Show me the ring right now!’
‘No no my friend... it’s not on my finger now. I mean, Daniel wanted to give it to me but I want to regain my sight before he puts it on my finger; I want to see it... you understand, not just feel it on my finger.’
‘Oh, of course... that makes sense.’
‘And don't you worry, Darcy, in time you’ll get your wish.’ Nathan parted her shoulder. ‘In the meantime, we’re very happy for you.’
‘Yes we are!’ Ciara added, hugging her sister close.
Darcy smiled, more colour coming to her pale cheeks. ‘Thank you, I love Daniel so much and I’m so happy we’re going to be together forever. Melanie, will you  do me the honour of being my bridesmaid?’
‘Are you kidding? Yes... yes!’ Melanie cried, holding Darcy’s hand.
‘And you Môn petite; you must be my flower girl.’ Darcy stroked her excited little sister’s hair.
‘Yay! I’m going to be a flower girl!’ Ciara squealed, bouncing up and down the bed. Seeing Darcy wince made her stop; she hugged her again instead, kissing her on the cheek.  ‘What am I going to wear?’
‘Oh don't worry, I’ll chose the most beautiful dress for you; you will look so lovely and you will walk down the aisle first, in front of Melanie and me.’ Filled with joy, Ciara beamed widely.
‘Uh... Darcy.’ Nathan suddenly remembered, ‘Does your Dad know about this?’
‘No... but I suppose Maman will tell him, he and Daniel do not seem to get along these days for some reason.’
An understatement... Nathan thought,  exchanging a look with Melanie.
‘So you’re not the father?’ Bo demanded.
‘No, I am not!’ Daniel snapped. ‘And I’ve been dating Darcy, not Carly. Carly’s my friend, nothing more!’
Bo glared at him, still very angry even though he should feel relieved. ‘Then who’s the father?’
‘All I know is that it’s not you, she told me. Carly doesn't have to explain herself to you or anyone; you went back to your wife. At least Carly still has people looking out for her.’
 ‘Including you. You didn't waste time ingratiating yourself with another one of my daughters, huh doc?’
‘Is this about age again? Darcy’s older than Chelsea...’
‘Skip that! I’m not talking about age, I’m talking about your track record; I won’t let  you toy  with Darcy’s emotions- she’s more vulnerable  than her sister! You say you are in love, then you move on to another woman.’
‘Which is exactly what you did.’ Daniel taunted. A punch on the jaw almost sent him sprawling on the floor but he kept his balance.
‘You keep your paws off  my daughter from now on.’ Bo hissed, his eyes wearing a dangerous glint.
‘We’re in love and we are going to get married, with or without your blessing.’ Daniel said defiantly, rubbing his sore jaw.  
‘In love, yeah right... how long did it take before you managed to break Chelsea’s heart? You think I’m going to let you do the same to Darcy?’
‘At least I know what I want; a life time with Darcy and  I will have it, because I love her more than life itself and she loves me! Carly loved you but what did you do ; you strung her along and you were too much of a coward to tell her you were still in love with Hope! If I wasn't so anxious not to upset Darcy and Carly, I swear I would’ve taken a swing at you! So don't you act all sanctimonious with me. With what you did to Carly, you’re far less than I am. And I don't need your permission, I am going to marry that girl whether you like it or not.’ Glaring at him, Daniel opened the door and slammed it shut behind him.
So Hope was right, Bo thought but it didn't make him feel happy; he hadn't approved of Chelsea dating Daniel, he definitely didn't approve of the idea Darcy marrying Daniel. He needed to talk to Carly. About Daniel and Darcy but also about the baby she was carrying. He needed to know who the father was, once and for all.   

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