Friday, October 19, 2012

NEWSLETTER: SUVUDU - Justin Cronin, Cloud Atlas, Star Wars, and more!

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October 2012

Star Wars: The Essential Reader's Companion
From the desk of Pablo Hidalgo

Dear Readers,

There's the old adage that says "write what you know." That's why I wrote a giant book about Star Wars novels. I know them well, for I've been reading them for over 30 years, for pretty much my whole life. They introduced me into a galaxy of reading, and I figure I'd return the favor by penning a tome—Star Wars: The Essential Reader's Companion—that is meant to help introduce readers into the Expanded Universe of Star Wars novels.

I was probably around five years old—maybe even younger—when I first read the Star Wars novelization ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster based on the screenplay by George Lucas. I had The Star Wars Storybook from Random House. I had some version of the Marvel Comics adaptation as well. But I also had the paperback novel, something that gets branded as an "adult novel" by those sorting such things. You'd think it would be beyond the reading level of a child. Certainly, it was... but my hunger for Star Wars made me keep working out the words and language, instilling in me a love for conjuring images by reading the printed word. The full color photo insert in the middle of the book didn't hurt either.
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Each week we're giving away the first 50 pages of an awesome Del Rey or Spectra book — for FREE! Check out the titles we premiered last month:
Blood Eye
Blood Eye
by Giles Kristian
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Coup D'Etat by Harry Turtledove
Dime Store Magic
by Kelley Armstrong
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Bad Glass
Bad Glass
by Richard E. Gropp
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Dearly, Beloved
Dearly, Beloved
by Lia Habel
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The Hobbit
The Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkien
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New this month
Star Wars: The
Essential Reader's

by Pablo Hidalgo
Blood Crime
by Kim Harrison
Star Wars: Darth

by James Luceno

by Raymond

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The Romance of the Apocalypse
Apocalyptic fiction, once the domain of genre literature, has crept into the mainstream with books like The Road, The DogStars and Cloud Atlas receiving critical accolades and public enthusiasm alike. What has changed? We all claim to fear the end, but do we secretly wish for it? If so, why?

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Justin Cronin's The Twelve: Two Worlds and In Between
Pop culture defanged the vampire, transforming the bloodthirsty nightstalker of legend into non-threatening boyfriend material for teen girls. Justin Cronin's The Passage brought the horror back to vampire fiction, and now The Twelve has returned to continue the terror. How did he do it?

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Raymond Benson Q&A
What was the biggest challenge in writing HITMAN: DAMNATION? What about the biggest reward?
Whenever one tackles a novelization of a best-selling franchise, whether it's a videogame, movie or TV show, or whatever, the biggest challenges are a) pleasing the license holders, and b) pleasing the fans. To do that, one must become very familiar with the franchise and feel confident that you actually *can* spend a few months in that world and create something original and yet familiar to those who expect certain things. There is a group of authors who specialize in tie-ins and we belong to the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers ( It's been our jobs to be the best there is at doing tie-in work, so I take it very seriously.

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